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1,200 Hp static / 1,600 hp dynamic 
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SUN RAM XI, XII, MAHA LPS 13, LPS 2000, Hofmann, Bosch, Superflow, Dynojet, Mustang, Clayton


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We have just developed a New System which can turn nearly any roller-set into a very accurate and consistent Acceleration Chassis Dynamometer.  Such a dynamometer is often also called an " Inertia Dynamometer ".

newspekt.gif (1068 Byte)  "One System for all Chassis Dynamometers"

Important for an accurate test is that the roller set has sufficient dynamic resistance. 

This is, for example, the case for the Maha Snap-On ASM which is marketed through Snap On / Sun Electric, BOSCH FLA 202/203/206 and the Bosch LPS-002.

The dynamic resistance or inertia of a roller set can be determined experimentally:  just take a car onto your rollers and spin up the rollers to say 20 mph in a low gear, then change to a high gear (we suggest one gear down from top gear as not to exceed the safe operating speed of your roller's bearings).  After the gear change, your engine will of course drop to a low rpm which is what we want.  Now accelerate full throttle up to the maximum engine speed right to the cut-off of your engine.  How many seconds does this take ?  Let us know the answer to this and what car you were using and we can give you an idea of how well your roller set can perform as an inertia dynamometer.

A lot of our testing for our system was conducted on a Bosch  LPS002 chassis dynamometer  (roller diameter 230mm, approx. 9 inches) and a Bosch FLA 203 (roller diameter 318mm = approx. 12.5 inches).


mi16_s_c75.jpg (13496 Byte)

Peugeot MI 16 2.0l 16V 150 Hp on a

Bosch LPS 002 chassis dynamometer

(note the flywheel on the front rollers of this chassis dynamometer which gives this roller set extra inertia)


(picture 1)


Porsche 928 GTS (350 HP, 375 lbft)

strapped and weighted down with 150 kg (300 lbs) to minimize wheel slip on the Bosch FLA 203 chassis dynamometer


(picture 2)

928_rear_view_strapped_down_s_c75.jpg (12774 Byte)


Test Results:

mi16emad_s.gif (34872 Byte)

pictured here are two power tests overlayed to demonstrate the exceptional consistency which was achieved with the latest

TAT   Data Acquisition system


(picture 3)


The TAT  Data Acquisition System offers the following features:

(1) Correction of Power and Torque with any desired correction factor (SAE, old or new, DIN, EWG, or own correction factor)

(2) Power and Torque curves can be viewed and printed vs. Roller Speed in mph or km/h as well as engine RPM

(3) All printouts are in full color and can come with comprehensive operator comments as well as time and date stamp making filing easy

(4) For engine mapping purposes there is a real-time display available showing all current values on the computer screen in the form of virtual on-screen instruments (see picture 4)

(5) Up to seven analog sensors can be attached and their readings displayed when in "real-time mode"



the real-time display which comes in very handy during engine mapping


(picture 4)

dynocapa.gif (62474 Byte)

* Above pictured screen-shot is only an example of one of many possible configurations and sensors which are possible when using the TAT  Data Acquisition system.


the Electronics which come which this system

(1) sensor box for 8 analog inputs/sensors, this is what comes with the standard package

(2) as above but with 16 analog inputs for sensors

(3) and (4) as (1) but with the addition of 8 type K thermocouple channels

(picture 5)

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More Information:

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Data Acquisition Systems for any Dyanamometer:

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the New Generation flexible and modular Data Acquisition System - fully upgradeable and expandable at any time, up to 256 channels possible !

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Real-time Display of all sensor values during a power run